The Modern Broker     

House combines the flexibility of a broker with the power of a direct lender.

Use your favorite wholesale lenders while keeping all docs, disclosures and funding in our name.

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Loan Officer Upgrades

*Eliminate confusion when switching wholsalers.                                                                            + All disclosures say LendingHouse.

*No more worrying about increased closing costs, borrower paid or buy-downs.          
      + Adjust rate and compensation on a per deal basis while remaining lender paid.

*Gain control of Lender Credits 

*Get treated and PAID like the business owner you are.
     +  275 Basis Point Compensation

The Essentials


Equipped with the latest technology, fastest turn-times and largest variety of loan products to satisfy any borrowers need, LendingHouse offers Loan officers a world of potential.


2 Processors Per Closing

On-Demand Loan Officer Assistants

Loan Scenario & Lender Support

Live Tech Support

Top-Rated Training


Automated Processing

24 Hour Turn-Times

Industry Leading LOS

                          Mobile  Capabilities                                (Lock rates, send needs list & pre-approvals)

Marketing & Growth

Buyer and Realtor Leads

Loan Officer Websites

Turn-Key Social Media Solutions

Custom Daily Content

Loan Programs

Conventional, Jumbo, FHA, VA, USDA, ARM, HELOC, Non-Qm, Reverse, SBA and Commercial


LendingHouse is now available to Loan Officers licensed in AL, CO, FL, ID, IA, LA, & ME.