Asset Utilization - INVESTOR

Use the capital you already have to build your investment portfolio with our help. If you're flush with funds, we don't need to verify your employment history. This program is a real estate developers' dream come true. To qualify, we take a comprehensive analysis of your total assets, so you don't have to go through the hassle of providing your typical income documentation.

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Program Details

Income Verification
  • No Statement Of Employment On 1003. No Employment Documentation Or Verification Required.
  • Qualifying Monthly Income = Post-Closing Assets X Utilization Factor (See Guidelines) ÷ 60 Months.
  • No Tax Returns Or W2s Required. Not A Bank Statement Program.
  • Up To 50% DTI
  • Subject Property Does Not Need Positive Cash Flow
Asset Verification
  • 1 Month Bank Statement (Covering At Least 30 Days)
  • 100% Gifts Allowed For Down Payment, Closing Costs, Reserves1 Only
  • Cash-Out Proceeds May Be Used Towards Reserves
Program Highlights
  • Purchase & Rate/Term Refinance Up To 75% LTV
  • Cash-Out Refinance Up To 70% LTV, Unlimited Cash-Out Funds
  • 1-4 Units, Condos, Coops, PUDs
  • Loan Amounts Up To $3,000,000
  • Minimum 660 FICO
  • 5/6 ARM2, 7/6 ARM2, 15 Or 30 Year Fixed
  • Interest Only Option Available On All Loan Terms Except 15 Year Fixed.
  • Corporations And LLCs Accepted
  • First Time Home Buyers Eligible, No LTV Restriction

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